Risk Analysis

A personal meeting with you, during which we jointly prepare a risk analysis, 
is always the starting point for establishing your specific and highly individual needs. This is a key focus of our activities, so we take our time to get it right.

We identify, analyse and assess your risk situation. We then agree jointly with you which risks merit insurance coverage, and which can be avoided, minimised or shifted.

Consulting & Planning

Together with you, we develop a personal, risk-specific plan for you and your family. This leads to a customised insurance concept that is tailored to your needs and is in line with your risk philosophy.

Policy Optimisation

Insurance policies are not static concepts and need to be adjusted to your constantly changing personal situation. We therefore endeavour to work with you to keep your insurance policies up to date.

We therefore endeavour to work with you to keep your insurance policies up to date. In close cooperation with you, we regularly review your insurance contracts for optimisation potential and then prepare appropriate update proposals for you.

We offer you an objective market overview. Depending on the kind of risk and your insurability, we consult the national – or if necessary the international – insurance market and invite quotations for the most suitable insurance cover. 

The individual quotations received from the insurance market are then analysed and assessed by us. The best quotations are sifted out and presented to you.

Personal Advice

Personal support and continuity within the collaboration create trust. Putting the results of the risk analysis into practice takes expert and personal advice. This requires a great deal of identification with the customer on the part of the broker and an equal measure of trust on the part of the customer. After all, this often requires taking sensitive personal circumstances into account.

Personal support and the continuity associated with it is a fundamental principle of our corporate philosophy. Each of our customers has a personal contact who is familiar with all procedures, is fully informed and takes care of everything – continuously and directly.

Claims Handling

We consider claims to be a top priority, which is why we process them as quickly as possible. If necessary, we will survey the damage on-site immediately. We help you establish and prepare indemnifiable claims arising as a result of damage. We tell you which claims documents you need to submit and forward these to the insurers after first checking them. 

We help you assert your justified claims vis-à-vis your insurer and actively accompany the claims settlement procedure, thereby ensuring the best possible settlement.