Products & Focus Areas

Thanks to our cooperation with domestic and overseas insurers, we are able to meet all our customers’ insurance needs from a single source. At the same time, only a long-term partnership can form the basis of a mutually beneficial business relationship.

As a partner to industry and medium-sized enterprises – our central target group – we develop individual programmes and solutions tailored to your needs. With our insurance concepts and our partner insurers we aim to strike an optimum balance between your company’s operational expenses and its existential protection.

Insurance needs from a single source.

Property insurance Specialist fields
  • Liability insurance
  • Consequential loss insurance
  • D&O insurance
  • Motor insurance
  • Occupational pension plans
  • Personal insurance
  • Technical insurance
  • Pensions
  • Travel insurance
  • Agricultural & shortfall insurance
  • Clubs & associations
  • Renewable energy industry
  • Entertainment
  • Sporting events

We deliberately wish to avoid becoming a global player. We nevertheless provide our customers with personal support across all national borders on many continents. As an insurance broker with a historically grown, traditionally strong focus on the international freight transport segment, international business is nothing new to us. We have spent decades dealing with insurers, institutions and selected partners all over the world on a daily basis.

As a Lloyds Open Market Correspondent, yet another important facility with a network access for our customers is available to us at all times in the form of the British insurance market.

Further focus areas of our international activities are in South America, in the Baltic States (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia), as well as in Russia, Ukraine and the Mediterranean.

Tansport & Cargo

Transport involves the deliberate movement of goods through the coordinated interaction between manpower and means of conveyance by road, rail, water and air. Each year global cargo damage totals around 4 billion euros. According to the findings of cargo insurers virtually 70% of all claims are avoidable.

Goods can fall off a fork-lift truck during loading. Ships, aircraft, trains and trucks are not entirely safe means of conveyance either. Furthermore, it’s not just expensive goods like consumer electronics, computers or textiles that are an invitation to thieves. Depending on the route and distance travelled, the goods may be transhipped several times between the above-mentioned means of transport or placed into temporary storage, which significantly increases the risk of damage or even loss. The liability of the carriers responsible for the transport is often too low to adequately compensate any damage you may have sustained. Protect yourself and your company against such risks.

Fruit Business

One of the focus areas of our transport business is insuring the transport of fresh fruit.

Thanks to our many years’ experience in this field, we have acquired expertise that is recognised by both our customers and the insurers. We have gained global recognition thanks to our customised open cover, our claims handling and our constant willingness to support our customers with our expertise and experience. It goes without saying that we are able to arrange surveys of cargo damage in any port in the world at very short notice. We are also available to provide our customers with help and advice if they have any questions regarding loss prevention.

Persönliche Beratung

Unsere ausführliche, persönliche Beratung bezieht sich grundsätzlich genau auf Ihre individuelle Situation. Unsere Lösungsvorschläge sind maßgeschneidert an Ihre Anforderungen angepasst.

Schnelle Hilfe

Wer auf der Suche nach der passenden Versicherung ist, hat im Normalfall keine Zeit zu verlieren. Wir kümmern uns unverzüglich um Ihr Anliegen und finden schnell die passenden Angebote für Sie.

Faire Regelung

Wir finden rasch und unkompliziert die passende Versicherung für Ihre Bedürfnisse und erklären Ihnen, welche Optionen Ihnen offenstehen – zu fairen und transparenten Konditionen.

Personal advice

Our detailed, personal advice always relates precisely to your individual situation. Our proposed solutions are customised to your requirements.

Quick help

If you are looking for the right insurance, there is usually no time to lose. We will take care of your request immediately and quickly find the right offers for you.

Fair arrangement

We quickly and easily find the right insurance for your needs and explain which options are open to you - at fair and transparent conditions.

Consejos personales

Nuestro asesoramiento detallado y personal siempre está relacionado con su situación individual. Las soluciones que proponemos se adaptan a sus necesidades.

Ayuda rápida

Si está buscando el seguro adecuado, normalmente no hay tiempo que perder. Nos ocuparemos de su solicitud inmediatamente y encontraremos rápidamente las ofertas adecuadas para usted.

Acuerdo justo

Encontramos de forma rápida y sencilla el seguro adecuado a sus necesidades y le explicamos qué opciones tiene a su alcance, en condiciones justas y transparentes.