About us: As an owner-managed, medium-sized insurance broker, we have been serving our customers since the company was established in 1920. With our customers’ interest in mind, we regard our carefully maintained independence as one of our company’s greatest assets, enabling us to offer you insurance cover that is tailored to your needs from the full range of insurers, in addition to which we arrange corresponding cover by the insurers and help you process claims. Competence and proximity to customers are also among our strengths.

Company history: Fester & Co. was established in 1920 by JULES FESTER. The company was renamed Fester & Co. GmbH in 1980. As an insurance broker, the company brokers insurance and conducts all associated insurance business.

Persönliche Beratung

Unsere ausführliche, persönliche Beratung bezieht sich grundsätzlich genau auf Ihre individuelle Situation. Unsere Lösungsvorschläge sind maßgeschneidert an Ihre Anforderungen angepasst.

Schnelle Hilfe

Wer auf der Suche nach der passenden Versicherung ist, hat im Normalfall keine Zeit zu verlieren. Wir kümmern uns unverzüglich um Ihr Anliegen und finden schnell die passenden Angebote für Sie.

Faire Regelung

Wir finden rasch und unkompliziert die passende Versicherung für Ihre Bedürfnisse und erklären Ihnen, welche Optionen Ihnen offenstehen – zu fairen und transparenten Konditionen.

Personal advice

Our detailed, personal advice always relates precisely to your individual situation. Our proposed solutions are customised to your requirements.

Quick help

If you are looking for the right insurance, there is usually no time to lose. We will take care of your request immediately and quickly find the right offers for you.

Fair arrangement

We quickly and easily find the right insurance for your needs and explain which options are open to you - at fair and transparent conditions.

Consejos personales

Nuestro asesoramiento detallado y personal siempre está relacionado con su situación individual. Las soluciones que proponemos se adaptan a sus necesidades.

Ayuda rápida

Si está buscando el seguro adecuado, normalmente no hay tiempo que perder. Nos ocuparemos de su solicitud inmediatamente y encontraremos rápidamente las ofertas adecuadas para usted.

Acuerdo justo

Encontramos de forma rápida y sencilla el seguro adecuado a sus necesidades y le explicamos qué opciones tiene a su alcance, en condiciones justas y transparentes.