Global insurance of goods of all kinds.
-We deliberately wish to avoid becoming a global player and see this as one of our strengths. We nevertheless provide our customers with personal support across all national borders on all continents. While our company is based in Hamburg, Germany, we are active worldwide. As an insurance broker with a historically grown, traditionally strong focus on the international freight transport segment, we are active both at home and abroad. We have spent decades dealing with insurers, underwriters and selected partners all over the world on a daily basis. We offer international insurance programmes that take local conditions into consideration.
-Transport involves the deliberate movement of goods through the coordinated interaction between manpower and means of conveyance by road, rail, water and air. Each year global cargo damage totals around 4 billion euros. According to the findings of cargo insurers virtually 70% of all claims are avoidable. Goods can fall off a fork-lift truck during loading. Ships, aircraft, trains and trucks are not entirely safe means of conveyance either. Furthermore, it’s not just expensive goods like consumer electronics, computers or textiles that are an invitation to thieves. Depending on the route and distance travelled, the goods may be transhipped several times between the means of transport or placed into temporary storage, which significantly increases the risk of damage or even loss.
-In the cargo insurance segment, we offer customised and innovative insurance concepts providing the best possible value for money. Our in-house insurance concepts go beyond the customary market standard and are tailored to the individual needs of the customer.
-One of the focuses of our transport business is insuring the transport of fresh fruit. Thanks to our many years’ experience in this field, we have acquired expertise that is recognised by both our customers and the insurers. We have gained global recognition thanks to our customised open cover, our claims handling and our constant willingness to support our customers with our expertise and experience. It goes without saying that we are able to arrange surveys of cargo damage in any port in the world at very short notice. Another of our focus areas, for which we also provide our customers with help and advice, is loss prevention and the mitigation of damages.

We offer insurance concepts in the following areas:

-Cargo insurance (goods of all kinds)
-hull insurance
-Storage insurance
-charterer’s liability insurance
-carrier’s liability insurance
-exhibition/trade fair insurance
-luggage insurance
-own goods in transit insurance
-container insurance