Focus areas

-At first glance, occupational pension plans seem very complex. But once you have got to grips with the subject of these pension schemes, you will soon realise the benefits they offer:
As the oldest form of state-subsidised pension scheme, company pensions have for decades played a complementary role in securing retirement income. The reforms seen in recent years have led to occupational pension schemes becoming significantly more common. Occupational pension plans will become increasingly important in light of demographic developments.
-Qualified employees and know-how carriers will soon be in short supply. Offering an attractive occupational pension as part of your personnel policy will help you tie employees to your company and give you a competitive edge when it comes to recruiting talents.
-Think long-term: Occupational pension commitments have a long-term effect. With nearly 30 years’ experience in this field, we can help develop and introduce a pension scheme tailored to your corporate goals.
-Our responsibilities as a broker mean our priorities are security and provider continuity as well as advisory and after-sales services that are based on trust.